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... Stories about Adoption!
Adoption is a positive choice a birth mom can make about herself and her baby. Many lives have been touched by adoption. We work to bring a positive plan with different options and levels of openness everyone can be comfortable with. You can get to know the family and have a relationship with them that can last a lifetime. You can know that your child is being so loved and cared for. Adoption is a solution to a temporary crisis situation of an unplanned pregnancy. Read the stories here to see how things worked for these families and birth moms involved. It brings hope…
I am going to tell you my story. I made an adoption plan for my baby boy. He was born two weeks early, healthy and cute as a button! I am 30 years old, and I have 2 other children, a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old. I found out I was pregnant in August and I was 2 weeks along. When I found out I went in the room and cried and said to God and myself what am I going to do. There is no way I can have another baby. I can’t really take care of myself. At that time, I didn’t have my other two children because I was in a rehab for using meth. My grandmother was taking care of them. My grandmother was taking care of them. Five days after being “clean”, I found out I was pregnant. For some reason, I immediately felt like this wasn’t going to be my baby. I called my family to tell them, knowing they were not going to be happy to hear that I was going to be having another baby. My mom told me to have an abortion or do an adoption. She really wanted me to have the abortion because of how early I was. But, I couldn’t do that. So, if I was going to do anything it was adoption. So, I looked into adoption and found an agency with a really nice lady. I finished my rehab where I was at for 2-3 months. I was able to see my children again on the weekends and be a part of a family again. I was sharing with a friend of mine my decision to do adoption. She immediately told me about a relative of hers that was looking to adopt because they weren’t able to have children. I had other people tell me that before, but when I read about them and saw what they had gone through it was different. So, I sent them a message saying I wanted to meet them. I found out later, that when I was messaging them, Ashley was in church and praying to God, telling him that she was trusting him and letting go of things and knew it would happen in His timing. She got out of church and saw my message saying I wanted to meet with them. Immediately I knew they were the family for my baby. At my next doctor appointment, I had an ultrasound. I found out I was having a boy. I also found out that his heart and stomach were on the right side of his body instead of his left. This happens 1 in 10,000. So, I text Ashley and told her about it. She texted me back and said, “what a special baby boy!” She went to my next appointment. I told her that I wanted her to be his “Heart Mommy.” We became great friends and made a strong bond. I wanted her to be a part of the pregnancy. She took me to every doctor appointment. Her family became a part of my family. We texted every day and spent a lot of time together. It was how I wanted my adoption plan to go. I am so happy I could make her a mommy. I know my son is going to have the best life ever. I want to thank God. If I had to do it all over again, I would. Thank you, God, for making me strong and putting Ashley in my life. ~ "L"
With Love from Adoptive Mom, "A" ...
My story, from Birth Mom "L"...
I have felt every emotion imaginable...sadness, anger, hurt, resentment, helplessness, hopelessness, and so much more. For over 7 years I didn't understand why the plans I had for my life weren't happening the way I had imagined. But MY plans for me and what God had planned for me were two different things. Last week at this time we were on the way to what we thought was our last doctor’s appointment. Little did we know, our wait was almost over! A week earlier than expected came this bright eyed, handsome missing piece to my heart. I can't thank God or his birth mother Liz, enough. You are my dream come true. As I sit here and rock my sweet baby, it all makes sense...every tear, every procedure, every negative pregnancy test, every step of the way. All of it led to where we are now, and I could not be more thankful! I was meant to be Luke’s momma and he was meant to be my baby boy! No matter how motherhood comes to you it is a miracle, and he is just that! ~ "A"
My Story, from Birth Mom "J" ...
The day I arrived in their town we talked, cried and prayed. We were determined that we wanted be able to help other families and birth moms going through the adoption process. We were able to start a maternity home for women going through crisis pregnancy in the year 2000. I want birth moms to know that adoption is amazing...realizing that I could not be a mom to my child at that time in my life...struggling with what I would do in my situation... but I had an incredible family that was just waiting for an adoption miracle. Abortion is something that I could not live with and I knew I would regret taking a life when I could bring life and happiness to a family. I have had the chance to see my child grow and thrive with an amazing family that otherwise would not have been able to have other children. I know I made the right choice for my son and for myself. He is an amazing adult now with his own family! I am so blessed to be a part of his life! ~ "J"
I have always had love for you, even before I met you.  When I met you, I knew you didn't have to do adoption but you CHOSE adoption.  You always said you wanted to do what was the best thing for your son.  You were the answer to prayer that I had for many years, like Hannah in the Bible, asking God to give me a son.  Samuel is a gift and I will never forget the day he came into the world.  It was such an amazing thing for me to be there when he took his first breath.  You are a strong woman, and I cannot express to you all the emotions I have felt for you and with you.  You are my friend, daughter, sister, and so many things I feel for you.  We cannot imagine our lives without Samuel in it.  I am thankful we have been able to maintain a relationship with you over the years, as a big family loving him.  He has grown into an amazing man, husband, and father.  My love for you still grows every day!  Thank you doesn't say enough! I love you! ~ "S"
With Love from Adoptive Mom, "S" ...
"I can't wait to hand my baby girl to the adopting parents. I feel like this is the first good thing I have done in my life that really mattered!" – Birth Mom "J"
"After going through so many infertility treatments to the point where I collapsed one day...we decided it wasn't so important for us to be biological parents, we just wanted to be parents.  We have been blessed with these amazing children. It's fun to get to discover who they are and what they are good at as the years go by." Different birth moms, but one amazing family! ~ Adoptive Parents "D" & "G"
My Story, from Birth Mom "T"
I was in a situation where I knew I wasn't going to be able to parent.  Life circumstances were rough and I was going through a hard time with my life situation not being stable, and struggling with other things.  I started working with Hope Embraced and they were a support for me throughout my pregnancy.  They visited me on a regular basis and were there as friends and treated me like family. I was blessed to have an amazing adoptive family that loved me first and then gave my son so much love. I could not have asked for a better family for him. They let me have updates and pictures anytime I want them. I am blessed and so happy my son is in a stable, loving family! ~ Birth Mom "T"
With Love from Adoptive Mom, "C"...
How do you put into words the gift of adoption.  Our family has been blessed by adoption before.  We now been blessed with 9 children.  The beautiful choice of adoption is never taken for granted in our home. Our family is made up of different races, stories, and miracles. The sacrifice a birth parent makes to do adoption is so difficult. No matter the birth parent's situation, we will always be grateful and have her in our hearts and prayers. We understand circumstances may be difficult, and it is not our place to judge. We are here to love her and the child.  Thank you to all the birth parents of our children, but at this time, to our youngest son's birth mom "T".  Our hearts are overflowing! ~ "C"
Hearing Sheila's voice for the first time, was like hearing an angel speaking to me. I knew immediately after that first phone call, that she and Bob were going to be my son's parents! I went to where they lived to have my baby. I am so thankful that we were able to develop a lifelong relationship! My son never has to wonder where he came from or if I loved him. No confusion, just love.
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