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Finding a Family ~
Choosing a family for your child may seem overwhelming.  You may feel you don't even know where to start.  You could have something in mind that you would love for the life of your child.  Hope can help you find the kind of family you envision for your child.

The families that are preparing to add a child to their family through adoption, have to go through an approval investigation process.  You can have comfort moving forward with a family knowing they have many things required of them in order to be adoptive parents.  They do background checks, physicals, home inspections, references and much more.  They are screened and then have to be approved as a fit family before being presented to moms considering adoption.
Adoptive Family Profiles ~
Choosing a Family ~
Whichever scenario you imagine for your child can become reality when you choose an adoptive family that best matches the adoption plan that you set for you and your child.

Before you begin the process of choosing an adoptive family, your Adoption Specialist will work with you to better understand the life you want for your child. Once he or she understands your wishes, the Adoption Specialist will be able to show you adoptive family profiles.
Adoptive Family Profiles are a snapshot of the adoptive family's lives. They may be printed or online profiles that may include information about the couple's background, family, home, careers, education, motivations to adopt and much more.

Your Adoption Specialist will make sure that you are shown Adoptive Family Profiles that reflect the life you want for your child. You may want your child to live in a certain part of the country. You may also prefer a childless couple, or for your child to have siblings through adoption. We will work with your preferences until you feel comfortable moving forward with a family.
Loving Families are Available and Excited to Meet You!
Open, Semi-Open, Closed Adoption ~
There are many different levels of openness you can experience for your adoption.  There are families that will keep in contact with the birth parents and give updates and pictures in the future.  Sometimes there are even visits that can be arranged.  Sometimes the birth parents don't want any contact with the adoptive parents and just want the agency to choose a good family for their child. This would be considered a Closed Adoption.  However, most of the birth parents and adoptive parents choose Semi-Open adoption plans.  They choose to meet before the baby comes, and after the birth, they share letters and pictures.  This option typically does not include visitation.  All adoption plans can be planned with the adopting parents and birth parents until a comfort level works for everyone. We have adoption coordinators that can also help with a plan that works for everyone.
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